Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is the blog that I set up months before leaving for Peace Corps/Niger, the blog whose first post I had originally planned to be about my work and emotions leading up to Africa, the blog whose color scheme I sweated over for at least an hour. I had high hopes for it.

So, first post. I've been in Niger for almost 5 full months now. Almost half a year. I've dug myself into a large latrine pit, here. I didn't know how or where or what about to start writing people even a week into service. Now that I have 5 months of living and working in this country under my belt, I'm even more intimidated by my pen and/or keyboard.

I officially declare this first blog entry as my entry into diligent writing and reflection about my village and my new work and life here. Well, I'm hoping that it will goad me on a little bit, at least. How about I throw in a photo to encourage better photographic efforts, as well.

But now, everyone, until I find the words to sum up the most indescribably fascinating, infuriating, saddening, stressful, terrifying, beautiful 5 months of my life, I must say goodbye.

Love, Alex